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本地菜會 | 16/01/18 | 一般 | (66 Reads)
Cantonese: 肥=Fei(fat) 田=tin(field) 料=liu(material)

18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
十一月廿五 天晴 11-18℃ 濕度47% 審核編碼: 18Ak 01.02

audit trail: 18Ak 01.02, 11/01/18, fine, 11-18℃, RH47%
Amy's Blog: While the volunteers and I were making rows for planting soil in the polytunnel yesterday, we found the soil was quite compact.  No wonder our customers told me that the quality of our leafy veggies is a lot better than the roots and tubers.
About three years ago, half of the arable land of Farm II was taken by the property development people and our farm manager Kwok Leung Heung has landed a better job. He began taking the farm work lightly and spending less efforts in conservation.
When we started Local Produce one and a half decade ago, we showed him various kinds of natural means to cultivate the soil to produce high-quality organic veggies. Click on the photos above to see some of the soil conservation practices over the years. 
There are two means to convert hardpan to arable soil.  The long-term plan is to urge the farm manager to grow green manure like he used to do, the short-term plan is to add soil amendments that are approved by the organic certification body to improve soil quality.
The farm manager said that the compost organic farmers used to buy is no longer accepted as organic by the certification body, there is no organic compost in the market and he is not going to borrow any from farmers who have stock on hand.
Well, if that's the case, I'll see if I can borrow some from my friends. (ac)
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
  十一月三十 天晴 10-24℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 18Ap 21.02

audit trail: 18Ap 21.02, 16/01/18, fine, 10-24℃ RH70%
Nothing in the world is too difficult for someone with a determined heart and a strong belief to achieve.
The World Wide Fund for Nature was very generous to share with our farm 200kg of certified organic compost from their Panda House Organic Garden.  After collecting a lot of energy from the winter sun, we set to work. 
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料

After I captured this memorable moment for the three charming ladies, we started shoveling away.  Shovel, shovel, shovel, we soon finished gathering, weighting and nicely packing 200kg of compost into PE bags, carrying them down the steps to the carpark and loading onto the van.
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料

Back at Farm II, ah Jin took a piece of typhoon-torn polytunnel cover and cut it into the size of a mulching ground sheet to cover the row. We soon arrived the farm, transferring the load bag by bag to the polytunnel and placed them orderly onto the row to store.
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料

We picked up our veggies harvested by Ah Jin a short time ago, got in the van that took us and the compost here all the way from WWF and left the farm. In the meantime, Ah Jin used another ground sheet/row sheet to cover the compost for later use. (ac)



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L17014 綠機土 馬糞堆肥


[引用] | 作者 路過 | 26/01/18 | [舉報垃圾留言]


To be honest, I was a bit tired yesterday, but everyone who are taking part in the volunteer are always welcoming and friendly.
It makes me super fine! Haha
Also I feel comfortable with plenty of nature and lovely weather when I could escape the central of Hong Kong.
I've noticed that there are many beautiful places and I really appreciate the opportunity to join the volunteer work.
Thank you :)

[引用] | 作者 Haruna Futamura | 17/01/18 | [舉報垃圾留言]


Thanks Amy for organizing the volunteer activity yesterday.
I had a wonderful experience visiting Island House and the farm.
The weather was pleasant, it was not too cold, not too hot to pack and carry the bags of compost.
I felt so refreshed with the clean air and the beautiful environment.
Looking forward to working at the farm next time!

[引用] | 作者 Ayako Hosono | 17/01/18 | [舉報垃圾留言]


It was fun because everything we did was very fresh for me to experience, even though we collected 200kg of compose haha, I didn't think it was tiring job.
Glad that the weather was very fine too.
Thanks for making my mind open wider!

[引用] | 作者 Satoe Sasaki | 17/01/18 | [舉報垃圾留言]