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本地菜會 | 01/12/17 | 一般 | (149 Reads)
安納=on-naap(Anno area in Japan) 番=faan(foreign) 薯=syu(edible tuberous root)

17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
  三月初五 有煙霞 14-25℃ 濕度65% 審核編碼: 17Da 00

audit trail: 17Da 00, 01/04/17, hazy, 14-25℃ RH65%
There are a few varieties of Anno potato.  The one we have might not be from Tanegashima, the first place to successfully cultivate sweet potatoes in Japan.  Mr Flea Beetle bought them from a Teachers' Association here in Hong Kong.
After checking with the importer Wing Kee and HKORC, we include this cultivar into the crop plan for this summer. (fb)
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
三月初七 天晴 16-24℃ 濕度58% 審核編碼: 17Db 020212
audit trail: 17Db 020212, 03/04/17, fine, 16-24℃ RH58%
Sweet potato grows best in warm weather yet does not tolerate cold temperature.  It grows most suitable in well-drained, light-textured soil.  When the tuber matures, it expands and pushes up the topsoil on which cracks will appear.  It will be the best harvest time.
Lady farmer ah Jin chooses to plant the Anno potato seedlings inside the polytunnel in order to protect them from cold weather and rain.  To ensure the successful cultivation of the seedlings, preparation works, including scorching the soil to control the pest, applying lime to the soil to regulate the pH value, using of cultivator to aerate and hill the soil up onto the row to form a thick seedbed, were done. (yl)ABSD
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
三月初九 天晴 19-28℃ 濕度78% 審核編碼: 17De 020212

audit trail: 17De 020212, 05/04/17, fine, 19-28℃ RH78%
Amy invited Ms Sasaki and some of the latter's friends to visit our farm.  They came to witness the propagation of this famous cultivar from Japan in Hong Kong.
After listening attentively to the lady farmer ah Jin's explanation of the procedures, the volunteer group began to transplant the seed tubers.  Young Mr Yamamoto was the most diligent among the volunteers.  When they finished the transplanting, everybody sent Reiki, a blessing energy, to the crops which nurture us.
Ah Jin turned on the irrigation sprinklers to water the plants.
Anno potato started to take root in the Local Produce. (kw)
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
四月初四 有雲 16-28℃ 濕度50%
審核編碼: 17D8 020212

audit trail: 17D8 020212, 29/04/17, cloudy, 16-28℃ RH50%
Weeding by hand is a time consuming and labour intensive work that requires skilful hands. Fortunately, the leaves and vines will eventually cover the entire row, weeding shouldn't be an issue for lady ah Laan by then. (rc)
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
四月三十 多雲 23-29℃ 濕度65% 審核編碼: 17Ey 020212

audit trail: 17Ey 020212, 25/05/17, cloudy, 23-29℃ RH65%
Ah Jin selected a few sweet potato plants that are growing vigorously as parent plants for cuttings.  She then transplanted the cuttings in the vacated plot at the far end of the same row to grow more parent plants for future propagation. (rc)
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
  五月十八 大驟雨 T8 23-29℃ 濕度80% 審核編碼: 17Fl 020212
audit trail: 17Fl 020212, 12/06/17, heavy showers, T8, 23-29℃ RH80%
The first typhoon of the rainy season hit Hong Kong today.
Starting the Anno potato inside the polytunnel ensured the safety and protection of the young parent plants from strong winds and torrential downpours. (tk)ABSD
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
六月十八 天晴 26-34℃ 濕度85% 審核編碼: 17Gk 020119-22

audit trail: 17Gk 020119-22, 11/07/17, fine, 26-34℃ RH85%
To make the most out of the growing season, we need to propagate more.  Ah Jin prepared 4 rows for Anno potato propagation like she did in April.  She then carefully removed the cuttings with roots attached from the parent plants and transplanted the cuttings into the soil.  The cuttings will root at every leaf node, water well and they will off in no time. (tk)
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
閏六月初一 大驟雨 T8 23-29℃ 濕度95%
審核編碼: 17Gw 020212.020119-22
audit trail: 17Gw 020212.020119-22, 23/07/17, heavy showers, T8, 23-29℃ RH95%
The second typhoon of the rainy season hit Hong Kong today.
The Anno potato inside the polytunnel at zone 01 and zone 02 were safe and sound. (tk) ABSD
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 颱風天鴿 | Typhoon Hato | 台風ハト(13号)
七月初二 處暑 狂風暴雨 T10 28-29℃ 濕度76%
審核編碼: 17Hw 020212.0119-22
audit trail: 17Hw 020212.0119-22, 23/08/17, End-of-Heat,
squally showers, T10 28-29℃ RH76%

Hato, the third and strongest typhoon up till now, took the cover of the polytunnel at zone 01.  The Anno potatoes inside this polytunnel were not badly damaged.  The parent plants at zone 02 were doing well. (tk)ABSD
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
圖01: 七月初六, 颱風帕卡, T8
Pic 04: 27/08/17, Typhoon Pakhar, T8
圖02: 七月十一, 颱風瑪娃, T3Pic 04: 01/09/17, Typhoon Mawar, T3
圖03: 八月初五, 熱帶氣旋, T1Pic 04: 24/09/17, Tropical Cyclone, T1
圖04: 八月廿六, 颱風卡努, T8Pic 04: 15/10/17, Typhoon Khanun, T8
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
八月廿八 多雲有雨 21-28℃ 濕度95% 審核編碼: 17Iy 020119-22

audit trail: 17Iy 020119-22, 17/10/17, cloudy with rain, 21-28℃ RH95%
It is so amazing that the Anno potatoes are still growing lush and green after so many typhoon attacks.  It shouldn't be too difficult for this Japanese potato to adapt to the local weather conditions.
Lady farmer ah Jin always check on the potatoes after the bad weather subsided. This one was growing strong but obviously not ready for harvest yet.  Ah Jin then covered it with soil and let it stay in the row for another while. (rc)
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
九月二十 多雲 21-27℃ 濕度70%
審核編碼: 17Kh 020119-22

audit trail: 17Kh 020119-22, 08/11/17, cloudy, 21-27℃ RH70%
According to the planting guide, we should harvest the Anno potatoes once the weather becomes cooler and the plants begin to fade and dry up naturally.  However, it is still quite warm in the daytime, 27℃ this morning, this crop is growing lushly.
Lady farmer ah Jin went to check on the tuber formation.  As shown in the picture, the size is a bit smaller than the one we planted in April.
We decided to ask Amy to bring in the volunteers to harvest this crop in the coming week. (rc)
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
九月廿六 有雲 21-26℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 17Ko 020119-22

audit trail: 17K0 020119-22, 15/11/17, cloudy, 21-26℃ RH70%
Today Amy led the volunteers to harvest Anno potatoes at our farm.  After listening attentively to lady farmer ah Jin's instruction on the harvesting procedures, the energetic group jumped right in the field starting to hunt for treasure.  Some Anno potatoes were dugged out in singletons, some came out in a group of many attached to the vine.  All was amazed by the harvest in this enjoyable and rewarding afternoon.
Amy's note: Everybody brought some Anno Potatoes home to try and see if the Anno potatoes live up to their reputation. (ac)
17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋 17 安納番薯|APotato|安納芋
十月十四 有雲 18-24℃ 濕度60% 審核編碼: 17K0 020119-22

audit trail: 17K0 020119-22, 01/12/17, cloudy, 18-24℃ RH60%
Customers found the yummy Anno potatoes recipes on our recipe blog and asked how come there was no Anno potato on the ordering list.
Lady farmer ah Jin had gone for vacation after the last harvest.  We were short-handed on the farm so we had to leave the Anno potatoes in the field.  Now that she has returned to work, the rest of the Anno popatoes were dug out, weighted and spread out to cure before sending them to you.  Some will be save as seeds for the next round of planting. (rc)
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本地菜會 | 03/11/17 | 一般 | (33 Reads)
Cantonese: 秋葵=cau-kwai(Okra)

17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ
四月十九 有雲 22-31℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 17En 020301-03

audit trail: 17En 020301-03, 14/05/17, cloudy, 22-31℃ RH70%
We are adding a new colour, red burgundy, to our Okra crop this year for you to taste. This cultivar was bred in the States in the Eighties. A heat-loving plant with lovely yellow flowers, it can be eaten raw or cooked like the green ones. However, when it is cooked, it loses its red hue and turns pale green. (bt)
17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ 17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ 17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ
六月十六 驟雨 26-32℃ 濕度75% 審核編碼: 17G7 020301-03, 010211-14
audit trail: 17G7 020301-03, 010211-14, 27/07/17, showers, 26-32℃ RH75%
The okra plants at Farm 02 survived the typhoons in June (pic 1) and July (pic 2).  However, when the plants grow older, they might not be able to withstand the powerful gusts and heavy rain from the coming typhoons.  In view of this, the lady farmers decided to grow an extra crop on Farm 01 (pic 03) at the end of last month. (bt)
17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ 17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ 17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ
七月十二 有煙霞 T1 25-33℃ 濕度88% 審核編碼: 17Ib 020301-03, 010211-14
audit trail: 17Ib 020301-03, 010211-14, 02/09/17, hazy, T1, 25-33℃ RH88%
The okra plants at Farm 02 appeared to lose vigour after Typhoons Hato (pic 1) and Pakhar (pic 2) smashed into Hong Kong within a few days.  The crop at Farm 01 (pic 3) is catching up after a slow start.  Some plants were blown down by the winds.  The lady farmers removed the mulching sheets and restored the plants to their upright position. (bt)
17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ
八月廿四 天晴 23-30℃ 濕度60%
審核編碼: 17Jm 010211-14

audit trail: 17Jm 010211-14, 13/10/17, fine, 23-30℃ RH60%
By observing the reduced amount of flowers and slow growing of the okra,we realised that the season for okra is coming to an end. (rl)
17 秋葵 | Okra | オクラ
  九月十五 天晴 17-29℃ 濕度40% 審核編碼: 17Kc 010211-14

audit trail: 17Kc 010211-14, 03/11/17, fine, 17-29℃ RH40%
Okra season is over.  The lady farmer was preparing the field for winter crops.  Thank you for your choosing. (tk)
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本地菜會 | 16/10/17 | 一般 | (20 Reads)
Cantonese: 颱風=toi-fung(typhoon) 卡努=kaa-nou(jackfruit in Thai)

17 颱風卡努 | Typhoon Khanun | 台風カーヌン(20号)17 颱風卡努 | Typhoon Khanun | 台風カーヌン(20号)17 颱風卡努 | Typhoon Khanun | 台風カーヌン(20号)
八月廿五 多雲 T1 23-24℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 17Jn 0201.03.04

audit trail: 17Jn 0201.03.04, 14/10/17, cloudy, T1, 23-24℃ RH70%
A typhoon is still edging close to Hong Kong even in October.  The Observatory issued the No. 1 Typhoon Signal this morning.  It is expected to issue higher storm signals later.  The lady farmers inspected the polytunnels immediately and prepared for the coming worse weather.  They tightened the storm straps of the polytunnels, fixed the row covers and dug channels to drain away the coming downpour. (yl)
17 颱風卡努 | Typhoon Khanun | 台風カーヌン(20号)17 颱風卡努 | Typhoon Khanun | 台風カーヌン(20号)17 颱風卡努 | Typhoon Khanun | 台風カーヌン(20号)
八月廿六 有雨 T8 19-21℃ 濕度88% 審核編碼: 17Jo 0201.03.04

audit trail: 17Jo 0201.03.04, 15/10/17, rain, T8, 19-21℃ RH88%
Typhoon Khanun brought us lower temperatures. This morning we felt a long-awaited coolness. The Observatory issued Typhoon Signal No. 8 in the morning. Here at the Local Produce, winds and showers did not increase right away. The facilities and crops were not affected for the time being. We hope Khanun will leave us quickly. (kw)
17 颱風卡努 | Typhoon Khanun | 台風カーヌン(20号)17 颱風卡努 | Typhoon Khanun | 台風カーヌン(20号)17 颱風卡努 | Typhoon Khanun | 台風カーヌン(20号)
八月廿七 有雨 23-29℃ 濕度95% 審核編碼: 17Jp 0201.03.04

audit trail: 17Jp 0201.03.04, 16/10/17, rain, 23-29℃ RH95%

本地菜會 | 04/10/17 | 一般 | (65 Reads)
Cantonese: 土=tou(local) 著=zyu(aborigine)

17 土著|Natives|土着
  一月初二 有雲 18-24℃ 濕度75% 審核編碼: 17A7 0103

audit trail: 17A9 0103, 29/01/17, cloudy, 18-24℃ RH75%
Click on the photo to enlarge it.
At the first glance, you might not be able to find this small native in the photo. 
Cabbageworm is a common pest mainly feeds on cabbage family plants. They are masters of camouflage and easy to overlook, often be seen in the fields in springtime. (fb)
17 土著|Natives|土着 17 土著|Natives|土着 17 土著|Natives|土着
一月初七 立春 有雲 15-24℃ 濕度92% 審核編碼: 17By 02
農夫姐姐把這班大哥最愛吃的菜心種入大棚,另加蟲網保護,佇候一次春寒來臨,整地耕耘,把卵、幼蟲、蛹、成蟲一擧消滅。 |
audit trail: 17By 02, 04/02/17, Beginning of Spring, cloudy, 15-24℃ RH92%
According to the lunar calendar, today is the beginning of Spring. 15-24℃, relative humidity 92%, perfect weather conditions for the overwintering bugs like flea beetles to become active and reproduce. The lady farmers planted their favourite crop, the flowering Chinese cabbages, inside the polytunnel, protect the cabbages with row covers and wait for a cold snap to have a thorough spring cleaning to eradicate the bugs: eggs, worms, pupae and adults, all together. (fb) |ð
17 土著|Natives|土着
   二月初六 天晴 14-22℃ 濕度50%審核編碼: 17Cb 010201-02

audit trail: 17Cb 010201-02, 03/03/17, fine, 14-22℃ RH50%
Meet Mrs White, Cabbage White to be exact, mother (adult) of the cabbage worm in the top picture.  More will soon appear and lay eggs on the undersides of leaves.  Cabbage warms can happily devour rows of broccoli, leaving only the stems and veins behind.
Row covers and butterfly traps are not efficient ways to protect the plant because the butterflies emerge from the pupae and the pupae are either on the plant or on the soil.  A good spring cleaning can reduce pest damage to an acceptable level and minimise the risks of pesticides to animal and our environment. (fb)
17 土著|Natives|土着
  八月十五 驟雨 26-31℃ 濕度85% 審核編碼: 17Jd 020115-16

audit trail: 17Jd 020115-16, 04/10/17, showers, 26-31℃ RH85%
Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival or in Cantonese: 中=zung(middle) 秋=cau(autumn) 節=zit(festival). It is a time for celebration and reunion. We wish you a happy blessed festive season.
It has been cloudy with rain, birds love coming to our farm searching for food in this kind of weather. The lady farmers had prepared a bird deterrent solution (click on the picture to enlarge) to prevent pest birds from foraging. When the wind blows onto the seed trays, birds would assume their predators are approaching and fly away. (sl)

本地菜會 | 01/10/17 | 一般 | (14 Reads)
Cantonese: 紅=hung(red) 莧=jin(amaranth) 菜=coi(vegetable)

17  紅莧菜 | Red Amaranth | アマランサス(赤)17  紅莧菜 | Red Amaranth | アマランサス(赤)
一月廿六 驟雨 17-24℃ 濕度80%
審核編碼: 17Bv 020412

audit trail: 17Bv 020412, 22/02/17, showers, 17-24℃ RH80%
In order to sell their summer produce ahead of others, farmers always sow their crop a bit earlier when the seasons change.  However, the unpredictable spring weather may sometimes affect the harvest.  The first crop of red amaranth was planted in the polytunnel.  Even if the temperature outside drops, this facility can provide a warm environment that assures a good harvest. (fb)
17  紅莧菜 | Red Amaranth | アマランサス(赤)17  紅莧菜 | Red Amaranth | アマランサス(赤)
二月廿九 驟雨 12-16℃ 濕度65%
審核編碼: 17Cy 020412

audit trail: 17Cy 020412, 26/03/17, showers, 12-16℃ RH65%
After about a month's time, the first crop of red amaranth is ready for harvest. (ml)
17  紅莧菜 | Red Amaranth | アマランサス(赤)
  六月廿五 有雨 24-30℃ 濕度96% 審核編碼: 17Gr 0200202

audit trail: 17Gr 020202, 18/07/17, rain, 24-30℃ RH96%
The weather is getting quite unstable.  At the far end of zone 01, a row of green amaranth (left) and a row of red amaranth (right) are protected from gusty winds and excessive rain under floating row covers. (ml)
17  紅莧菜 | Red Amaranth | アマランサス(赤)
  七月初三 天晴 29-34℃ 濕度81% 審核編碼: 17Hx 020209
audit trail: 17Hx 020209, 24/08/17, sunny, 29-34℃ RH81%
Yesterday morning, typhoon signal No 10 was hoisted. Typhoon Hato brought Hong Kong to a standstill and might cause billion in losses.
This morning, lady farmer ah Laan was harvesting red amaranth for your order as usual inside the polytunnel at zone 02. This polytunnel, located at the middle of farm 02, surrounded by trees and other polytunnels, had narrowly escaped the typhoon. (ml) ABSD
17  紅莧菜 | Red Amaranth | アマランサス(赤)17  紅莧菜 | Red Amaranth | アマランサス(赤)
八月十二 驟雨 26-32℃ 濕度85%
審核編碼: 17Ja 020311

audit trail: 17Ja 020311, 01/10/17, showers, 26-32℃ RH85%
The companion red amaranth is growing rather slow in the cooler autumn weather, signifying the amaranth growing season is coming to a close. (rc)
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本地菜會 | 29/09/17 | 一般 | (44 Reads)
Cantonese: 紫=zi(purple) 茄子=ke-zi(eggplant)


Our lady farmers told me, in their hometown, people call eggplant "diu-gwaa".
Word-for-word, it means "hanging-vegetable".
Technically, eggplant is a fruit, not vegetable. (fb)
17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす 17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす
四月十二 驟雨 25-29℃ 濕度75%
審核編碼: 17Eg 020312-13

audit trail: 17Eg 020312-13, 07/05/17, showers, 25-29℃ RH75%
These trellises are not for the eggplants to climb but supporting them to grow upright, keeping the fruits off the ground away from bugs and rot, making it easier for the lady farmers to harvest too. (ml)
17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす 17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす
六月廿五 驟雨 24-30℃ 濕度95%
審核編碼: 17Gr 020312-13

audit trail: 17Gr 020312-13, 18/07/17, showers, 24-30℃ RH95%
With excessive heat followed by days and days of rain, the produce are starting to have casualties. At zone 03, a few Eggplants have brown scars on their skin.
The lady farmers will transplant a new crop at zone 01 from the nursery when the weather clears up. (rc)
17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす 17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす
七月初八 天晴 23-33℃ 濕度70%
審核編碼: 17H9 020312-13

audit trail: 17H9 020312-13, 29/08/17, sunny, 23-33℃ RH70%
Having braved the bad weather, the crop recovering best on the entire farm is the eggplants. However, its growth has been stunted. To prevent crop diseases, our Lady Farmer trimmed the damaged foliage off the purple eggplants and she cleaned up the row surface. (kw)
17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす 17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす
七月十六 天晴 25-33℃ 濕度70%
審核編碼: 17Id 020107-10

audit trail: 17Id 020101-10, 06/09/17, sunny, 25-33℃ RH70%
The picture on the left was taken at zone 01 by the end of July, together with all the vegetables on our farm, this crop of purple eggplants transplanted earlier on had experienced the effect of three successive typhoons within two weeks.  Some of the plants were showing stress.  After applying fertiliser, the lady farmer hilled up soil to protect the exposed roots to stimulate plant recovery. (ml)
17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす
  七月十九 驟雨 26-33℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 17Ih 020107-10
audit trail: 17Ih 020312-13, 09/09/17, showers, 26-33℃ RH70%
In March, the Observatory forecasted 4-6 typhoons may come to Hong Kong this year. We were well prepared. Up to now, we saw five typhoons. After three of them hit us within 2 weeks last month, the Observatory "tuned up" the forecast from 4-6 to 6-9 typhoons this morning. The lady farmers promptly built rows of trellises to protect the eggplants from the strong winds. (ml)
17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす17 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす
八月初十 天晴 25-34℃ 濕度65%
審核編碼: 17I9 020107-10

audit trail: 17I9 020101-10, 29/09/17, sunny, 25-34℃ RH65%
You may wonder what was lady farmer ah Laan doing alone in the shade of her umbrella inside the rows of trellises.
Click on the left picture to enlarge it, you will find the eggplants are starting to bloom and set fruits.  Ah Laan was removing the weeds from the soil bed with her three-tooth hand rack, giving the eggplants a better environment to develop. (bt)
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本地菜會 | 28/09/17 | 一般 | (15 Reads)
Cantonese: 潺=saan(gluey) 菜=coi(vegetable)

17 潺菜 | Malabar Spinach | 蔓紫
  三月十四 多雲 26-28℃ 濕度83% 審核編碼: 17Dj 0207

audit trail: 17Dj 0207, 10/04/17, cloudy, 26-28℃ RH83%
The planting of Malabar spinach marks the commencement of summer season.  We started the seeds in March this year.  The seedlings will be transplanted in zone 03 after they are well hardened off in zone 03. (ml)
17 潺菜 | Malabar Spinach | 蔓紫
  六月廿二 大暑 多雲 T1 26-34℃ 濕度88% 審核編碼: 17Dj 020306-07

audit trail: 17Dj 020306-07, 22/07/17, Great Heat, cloudy, T1, 26-34℃ RH88%
The weather has been awful for the past few days and Typhoon Roke is approaching Hong Kong.  The Malabar spinach at zone 03 seems to enjoy it to the fullest. (rc)
17 潺菜 | Malabar Spinach | 蔓紫17 潺菜 | Malabar Spinach | 蔓紫
七月廿四 有雲 27-32℃ 濕度55%
審核編碼: 17In 020306-07

audit trail: 17I0 20306-07, 13/09/17, cloudy, 27-32℃ RH55%
Click on the picture to enlarge. The round blemishes on the Malabar spinach leaves are caused by a fungus disease.  If worse comes to worst, the whole crop has to be removed to prevent the fungus from spreading. (rc)
17 潺菜 | Malabar Spinach | 蔓紫17 潺菜 | Malabar Spinach | 蔓紫
八月初九 天晴 26-35℃ 濕度60%
審核編碼: 17I8 020306-07

audit trail: 17I8 20306-07, 28/09/17, fine, 26-35℃ RH60%
The recovery is going well, with improvements every day.  Unfortunately, Malabar spinach thrives in hot temperatures, cooler weathers cause it to creep and blossom, signifying its growing season will end soon. (ml)
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本地菜會 | 27/09/17 | 一般 | (7 Reads)
Cantonese: 春=Ceon(spring) 菊=Guk(chrysanthemum)

16 春菊 | SChrysanthemum | しゅんぎく16 春菊 | SChrysanthemum | しゅんぎく
八月初八 天晴 25-35℃ 濕度65%
審核編碼: 17Iz 020201
audit trail: 17Iz 020201, 27/09/17, fine, 25-35℃ RH65%
A customer wants to know the difference between spring chrysanthemum and garland chrysanthemum.
Like garland chrysanthemum, spring chrysanthemum is a cultivar from the daisy family.  It is more tender and flavourful than garland chrysanthemum that we use mostly in hotpots or soup.  You may stir-fry spring chrysanthemum as a vegetable on its own. (ml)
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本地菜會 | 24/09/17 | 一般 | (23 Reads)
Cantonese: 熱帶=jit-daai(tropical) 氣旋=hei-syun(cyclone)

17 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧17 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
八月初五 大驟雨 T1 27-32℃ 濕度87%
審核編碼: 17Ix 02

audit trail: 17Ix 02, 24/09/17, heavy showers, T1, 27-32℃ RH87%
The left picture was captured from the Observatory's Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast webpage.  It provides the trends of a tropical cyclone movement in the coming nine days, giving farmers more time and information to prepare for the incoming typhoon. The Observatory has presented an episode of Cool Met Stuff to introduce this service. Applause applause.
All is well on the Farms. (fb)

本地菜會 | 23/09/17 | 一般 | (14 Reads)
Cantonese: 甜=Tim(sweet) 粟米=Suk-Mai(corn)

17 甜粟米 | Sweet Corn | 甘いとうもろこし17 甜粟米 | Sweet Corn | 甘いとうもろこし
八月初四 秋分 驟雨 25-32℃ 濕度80%
審核編碼: 17Iw 020219-20

audit trail: 17Iw 020219-20, 23/09/17, Autumnal Equinox, showers, 25-32℃ RH80%
Autumn equinox may be an insignificant term to city dwellers but it is extremely significant for farmers as it indicates that the weather conditions in this period of time are particularly favourable for sowing autumn and winter crops.
The little sweet corn plants are growing satisfactorily. (rl)
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本地菜會 | 22/09/17 | 一般 | (16 Reads)
Cantonese: 黃=wong(yellow) 芽=ngaa(shoot) 白=baaK(white→white cabbage)

17 黃芽白 | PCabbage | はくさい17 黃芽白 | PCabbage | はくさい
八月初三 驟雨 25-32℃ 濕度85%
審核編碼: 17Iu 020204

audit trail: 17Iu 020204, 22/09/17, showers, 25-32℃ RH85%
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本地菜會 | 21/09/17 | 一般 | (21 Reads)
Cantonese: 奶=naai(milky) 白=baak(white) 菜=coi(vegetable)

17 奶白菜 | PWCCabbage | パクチョイ17 奶白菜 | PWCCabbage | パクチョイ
八月初二 有雲 25-32℃ 濕度75%
審核編碼: 17Is 020115-16

audit trail: 17Is 020115-16, 21/09/17, cloudy, 25-32℃ RH75%
This white Chinese cabbage produces loose heads of milky-white stems and dark-green leaves.  When cooked, the stalk become tender and creamy in texture. (ml)
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本地菜會 | 20/09/17 | 一般 | (13 Reads)
Cantonese: 紅=Hung(red) 菜頭=Coi-Tau(tuber)

17 紅菜頭|Beet|ビート17 紅菜頭|Beet|ビート
八月初一 有雲 24-32℃ 濕度70%
審核編碼: 17Is 020103

audit trail: 17Is 020103, 20/09/17, cloudy, 24-32℃ RH70%
At zone 01, the seedlings of the first fall crop of beet which started from seed are emerging from the soil. (ml)
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本地菜會 | 16/09/17 | 一般 | (28 Reads)
Cantonese: 香=hoeng(aromatic) 蕉=Ziu(banana)

17 香蕉 | Banana | バナナ17 香蕉 | Banana | バナナ
七月十三 驟雨 T1 25-30℃ 濕度80%
審核編碼: 17Ib 020300

audit trail: 17Ib 020300, 03/09/17, showers, T1, 25-30℃ RH80%
Every time a typhoon leaves Hong Kong, it takes away a few banana trees with it.  After a while, new pups will emerge in the banana patch and grow into new banana trees. (rc)
17 香蕉 | Banana | バナナ17 香蕉 | Banana | バナナ
七月廿六 天晴 25-35℃ 濕度55%
審核編碼: 17Io 020300

audit trail: 17Io 020300, 16/09/17, showers, 25-35℃ RH55%
The farm manager sent in the good news this morning.  Pups are emerging.
It takes 9-12 months for a pup to grow up and produce a bunch of bananas. (fb)
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本地菜會 | 15/09/17 | 一般 | (23 Reads)
Cantonese: 耙齒 =Paa-Ci(teeth of a harrow) 蘿蔔=Lo- Baak(radish)

17 耙齒蘿蔔|HRadish|祝大根17 耙齒蘿蔔|HRadish|祝大根
七月廿五 有雲 26-32℃ 濕度65%
審核編碼: 17Io 020413

audit trail: 17Io 020413, 15/09/17, cloudy, 26-32℃ RH65%
Harrow radish is a fast growing root vegetable.  The greens are ready for harvesting in 21 days. These leaves contain more nutrients than the radish itself.  Fellow farmers add the freshly picked greens into meat broth.  They drink the soup to reduce fatigue and eat the greens to ease constipation. (ml)
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本地菜會 | 12/09/17 | 一般 | (79 Reads)
Cantonese: 好=hou(good) 事=si(deed)

17 好事|Altruistics|愛他心
  十二月初四 天晴 18-23℃ 濕度65% 審核編碼: 17Aa 00
audit trail: 17Aa 00, 01/01/07, fine, 18-23℃ RH65%
Since Local Produce delivered the first bag of organic vegetables from the farm to its very first customer at Sceneway Garden, Lam Tin, more than 10 years ago, the delivery service has covered the areas around the red dots and various estates in the left picture (click picture to enlarge).
Looking at this delivery route map, volunteers like me who have gone promoting organic living at numerous organizations, communities and estates feel very proud and grateful.
In the era of excessive and unconscionable indulgence of human desires, living in a society where bad money drives out good, it is heartening to find there are still people who continue to maintain their integrity despite all odds, proactively collaborate to support the local organic movement, with science as their armor and shield, conscience as their yardstick and compass, contending against a juggernaut of human acquisitiveness, all kinds of pollution and disease. (ac)ABSD
17 好事|Altruistics|愛他心17 好事|Altruistics|愛他心

This is the accumulative height change of the (glacier) ice melt. Since 2000 to now we lost 12 meters of ice at that delineation.
That was our former station, the level is the surface (pic left). Very deep pillars. We came back next season, that's where we are now (pic right). (ac) (movie trailer)
七月廿二 天晴 26-35℃ 濕度65% 審核編碼: 17Il 00

audit trail: 17Il 00, 12/09/17, fine, 26-35℃ RH65%
The above two pictures and dialogues are from the movie An Inconvenient Sequal: Truth To Power, the sequel to the 2006 movie An Inconvenient Truth that sparked public discussions on climate change issues. What was predicted then is now happening.  Greenhouse gases are warming the Earth at an increasingly alarming rate, threatening the livelihoods of millions of people.  Climate scientists and activists have been making advances in theory and practice ever since.  Please watch the movie, join us and become part of the solution. (fb)

本地菜會 | 11/09/17 | 一般 | (26 Reads)
Cantonese: 牛=Ngau(cow) 奶=Naai(milk) 蕉=Ziu(banana)

17 牛奶蕉 | Creamy Banana | クリームバナナ 17 牛奶蕉 | Creamy Banana | クリームバナナ 17 牛奶蕉 | Creamy Banana | クリームバナナ
七月十五 驟雨 26-31℃ 濕度80% 審核編碼: 17Id 010619-27
audit trail: 17Id 010619-27, 05/09/17, showers, 26-31℃ RH80%
Westerners believe bananas cause constipation. Yes, unripe banana can give you constipation.  A ripening banana is the ones that starting to have a few brown spots on them.  Any Asian will tell you eating a few ripening bananas, preferably creamy bananas, is the best natural constipation remedy for quick relief. (fb)
17 牛奶蕉 | Creamy Banana | クリームバナナ17 牛奶蕉 | Creamy Banana | クリームバナナ17 牛奶蕉 | Creamy Banana | クリームバナナ
七月廿一 天晴 25-34℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 17Ii 010619-27
audit trail: 17Ii 010619-27, 11/09/17, fine, 25-34℃ RH70%
The lady farmers pruned off almost one-third of the creamy banana canopy to avoid plant stress due to the storms.  These plant parts are very good compost ingredients. Some toppled trees can be replanted so long as they have some viable roots.  New pups will soon emerge. (fb)ABSD
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本地菜會 | 11/09/17 | 一般 | (21 Reads)
Cantonese: 肥=Fei(fat) 田=tin(field) 料=liu(material)

四月十四 驟雨 21-30℃ 濕度70%
審核編碼: 17Eh 020408-09

audit trail: 17Eh 020408-09, 09/05/17, showers, 21-30℃, RH70%
It is a traditional practice to grow Sesbania or Yellow Pea-Bush as a pre-rice cultivation green manure in China.  Sesbania withstands drought and waterlogging, it fixes nitrogen providing low-cost nitrogen inputs to the farm.  This crop will be ploughed into the soil as green manure shortly after flowering. (fb)
七月廿一 天晴 25-34℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 17Ii 010621-23
audit trail: 17Ii 010621-23, 11/09/17, fine, 25-34℃ RH70%
Banana plant parts are rich in potassium, they also contain other nutrients that are vital for plant growth.
The lady farmers carried all pruned leaves, tattered leaves and fallen leaves, together with all the creamy banana plant parts that were blown down by the storms to a close by open area, made them into a pile and covered the pile with HDPE sheet for composting. (rc)ABSD

本地菜會 | 07/09/17 | 一般 | (10 Reads)
Cantonese: 油=Jau(oil) 麥=Mak(wheat) 菜=Coi(vegetable)

17|ILettuce|インディアンレタス 17|ILettuce|インディアンレタス
七月十七 寒露 驟雨 26-30℃ 濕度80%
審核編碼: 17Ig 020208
audit trail: 17Ig 020208, 07/09/17, White Dew, showers, 26-30℃ RH80%
Last year, a crop of Indian lettuce planted in the polytunnels at zone 07 was lost due to fungal disease.  Fungal diseases are favoured by moist conditions and high air temperatures.   
Now that crisp Autumn day is around the corner, the weather is getting more and more in favour of growing Indian lettuce, the lady farmers planted this crop at zone 02 and see how it goes. (bt)
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本地菜會 | 04/09/17 | 一般 | (58 Reads)
Cantonese: 颱風=toi-fung(typhoon) 瑪娃=maa-waa(a rose in Malay)

Three typhoons in two weeks here in Asia, a hurricane is posing threat to the Caribbean and the United States right after another hurricane smashed into the Texas coast last wednesday, and people still think that climate change is a hoax? (fb)
17 颱風瑪娃 | Typhoon Mawar | 台風マーワー(16号)17 颱風瑪娃 | Typhoon Mawar | 台風マーワー(16号)
七月十一 有煙霞 24-35℃ 濕度67%
審核編碼: 17Ia 02

audit trail: 17Ia 02, 01/09/17, hazy, 24-35℃ RH67%
Preparation for an incoming typhoon has become a regular course of procedures. (fb)
17 颱風瑪娃 | Typhoon Mawar | 台風マーワー(16号)
  七月十四 驟雨 T1 24-27℃ 濕度90% 審核編碼: 17Id 02

audit trail: 17Id 02, 04/09/17, showers, T1, 24-27℃ RH90%
The Observatory lowered the typhoon signal from No 3 to No 1 this morning as Typhoon Mawar made landfall and dissipate gradually. When compare with the typhoons before it, Mawar did not cause much damage to the farm. (rc)