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本地菜會 | 02/11/18 | 一般 | (24 Reads)
Cantonese: 超=ciu(super) 強=keong(strong) 颱風=toi-fung(typhoon)
玉兔=juk-tou(jade rabbit in Chinese)

In Chinese folklore, the Jade Rabbit is portrayed as a deity who lives on the moon and is responsible for making the elixir of immortality for the gods and goddesses. (tk)
18 颱風玉兔 | Typhoon Yutu | 台風イートゥー(1826)
  九月廿三 天晴 20-29℃ 濕度30% 審核編碼: 18J1 00

audit trail: 18J1 00, 31/10/18, fine, 20-29℃ RH30%
Yutu strengthened into a super typhoon over the Pacific with the magnitude that is equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic.  It was regarded as the strongest tropical cyclone so far this year.  Fortunately, it has weakened as it moved westwards and reduced to a typhoon when it entered the South China Sea. 
Typhoon signal no 1 was hoisted this morning. (tk)
18 颱風玉兔 | Typhoon Yutu | 台風イートゥー(1826) 18 颱風玉兔 | Typhoon Yutu | 台風イートゥー(1826) 18 颱風玉兔 | Typhoon Yutu | 台風イートゥー(1826) 18 颱風玉兔 | Typhoon Yutu | 台風イートゥー(1826)
九月廿五 天晴 20-30℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 18Kb 02

audit trail: 18Kb 02, 02/11/18, fine, 20-30℃ RH70%
Typhoon signal no 3 was hoisted early yesterday morning as Yutu getting closer to Hong Kong. It further weakened and dissipated without making a landfall along the South-East China coast.  All signals were lowered this morning.
Business as usual on the farms.  From the left are the DT lettuces, green cabbages, white Chinese radishes, yellow carrots; many winter vegetables are coming along nicely. (fb)

本地菜會 | 19/09/18 | 一般 | (157 Reads)
Cantonese: 超=ciu(super) 強=keong(strong) 颱風=toi-fung(typhoon)
山竹=saan-zuk(Mangkhut, mangosteen fruit in Thai)

18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)
  八月初一 有雲 23-31℃ 濕度92% 審核編碼: 18Ij 00
audit trail: 18Ij 00, 10/09/18, cloudy, 23-31℃ RH92%
The tropical cyclone that had been hovering near the international dateline for the past few days had intensified into a typhoon. It was given the name Mangkhut. It is forecast to move west-northwest through the Luzon Strait area this week before heading to Hong Kong.
Another tropical cyclone is intensifying in the southeast of Taiwan. It may turn into a typhoon and move towards Hong Kong.
Having Learnt from the last flash flood experiences, we urged farm manager Kok Leung Sheung to conduct preventive measures in advance of the incoming typhoons, instructed him to send the lady farmers to a safe place before the storms hit. (tk)
18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)
八月初六 天晴 T3 24-36℃ 濕度80%
審核編碼: 18Io 02

audit trail: 18Io 02, 15/09/18, fine, T3, 24-36℃ RH80%
Typhoon signal no. 1 was hoisted last night, upgraded to no. 3 this afternoon. A fine sunny day today.
18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)

Mangkhut is forecast to hit Hong Kong tomorrow. It is predicted to be the most powerful typhoon since records began.
Farm manager Kok Leung Sheung decided to keep the polytunnels in zone 01 as they are and sacrifice the vegetables planted in the other zones for the mesh covers of the polytunnels. The compost pile was covered and the plough was placed on high ground.
After the lady farmers finished all the chores, Kok drove them to ah Fong's place to stay during the storm. (tk)
18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)
  八月初七 狂風暴雨 T10 24-32℃ 濕度95% 審核編碼: 18Ip 00
audit trail: 18Ip 00, 16/09/18, squally winds and heavy rain, T10, 24-32℃ RH95%
Typhoon signal no. 10 was hoisted this morning.
We had done everything we could to secure our farm. It is time to stay home and recuperate.
The lady farmers handed in this photo to express gratitude to you for your kind concern and well wishes. (tk)
18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)
18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)
18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)
18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822) 18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)
八月初八 間中有陽光 T1 25-32℃ 濕度82% 審核編碼: 18Iq 02

audit trail: 18Iq 02, 17/09/18, sunny periods, T1, 25-32℃ RH82%
We understand Mangkhut is the most intense typhoon in Hong Kong's history.  Before we walked into the farm, we were well-prepared for what we might face.  It was still quite frightening and sad to look at this devastated scene. (tk)
18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)18 颱風山竹 | Typhoon Mangkhut | 台風マンクット(1822)
八月初十 天晴 23-35℃ 濕度58%
審核編碼: 18Is 02

audit trail: 18Is 02, 19/09/18, sunny, 23-35℃ RH58%
The lady farmers managed to remove the fallen tree and branches off the roof of the farm hut. We shall draw up a new crop plan for the coming seasons double quick so that we may starting sowing right after the lady farmers clear the fields. (tk)

本地菜會 | 13/09/18 | 一般 | (64 Reads)
Cantonese: 熱帶=jit-daai(tropical) 氣旋=hei-syun(cyclone)

18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 颱風百里嘉 | Typhoon Barijat | 台風バリジャット (1823) 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
八月初一 有雲 23-31℃ 濕度92% 審核編碼: 18Ij 00
audit trail: 18Ij 00, 10/09/18, cloudy, 23-31℃ RH92%
When everybody was talking about Typhoon Mangkhut, a newly developed tropical cyclone is moving towards Hong Kong from Taiwan.  If it is upgraded to a tropical storm, it will be named Typhoon Barijat. (tk)

Cantonese: 颱風=toi-fung(typhoon)
百里嘉=baak-lei-gaa(Barijat, coastal storm surges in Marshallese)

18 颱風百里嘉 | Typhoon Barijat | 台風バリジャット (1823) 18 颱風百里嘉 | Typhoon Barijat | 台風バリジャット (1823) 18 颱風百里嘉 | Typhoon Barijat | 台風バリジャット (1823) 18 颱風百里嘉 | Typhoon Barijat | 台風バリジャット (1823)
八月初二 天晴 T1 22-34℃ 濕度43% 審核編碼: 18Ik 00

audit trail: 18Ik 00, 11/09/18, fine, T1, 22-34℃ RH43%
We had a sunny day today, the temperature was about 30℃, relative humidity was below 50%, moderate winds. 
Before the Typhoons move in, there is not always a calm period like this one for us to make preparations.  Typhoon signal no. 1 was hoist this morning. (fb)
18 颱風百里嘉 | Typhoon Barijat | 台風バリジャット (1823) 18 颱風百里嘉 | Typhoon Barijat | 台風バリジャット (1823)
八月初三 間中有陽光 T3 25-30℃ 濕度82%
審核編碼: 18Il 02

audit trail: 18Il 02, 12/09/18, sunny periods, T3, 25-30℃ RH82%
The Observatory hoisted the typhoon signal No 3 around noon.  Typhoon Barijat is excepted to skirt about 100km south of city later in the afternoon. 
A little wind and rain at the farm could never stop lady farmer ah Jin from staying busy. (fb)
18 颱風百里嘉 | Typhoon Barijat | 台風バリジャット (1823)
  八月初四 間中有陽光 26-31℃ 濕度83% 審核編碼: 18Im 00
audit trail: 18Im 02, 13/09/18, sunny periods, 26-31℃ RH83%
The Observatory had lowered all typhoon signal this morning.
With the information from the Observatory, we are able to promptly prepare for the coming furious Typhoon Mangkhut. (fb)

本地菜會 | 08/09/18 | 一般 | (172 Reads)
Cantonese: 暴=bou(sudden and violent) 洪=hung(flood)
按圖放大 Click Photo to Enlarge

18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水
  [28/08/18 下午 5:22] 阿燕: 儀姐, 農場浸水呀, 屋仔都浸埋呀, 聽日冇菜出囉… 
  [28/08/18 下午 6:13] 阿儀: 燕呀, 我係阿儀呀, 您地點呀, 有冇問題呀, 水浸成未, 有冇地
18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水  方住呀?
  [28/08/18 下午 6:13] 阿燕: 我地兩個而家行出黎喇, 搭埋的士去我親戚度住一晚先囉, 聽
  日至睇囉, 全部衫褲床嗰啲全部都裝左水呀而家。
  [28/08/18 下午 6:19] 阿儀: 燕呀, 總言之您地小心啲吖, 如果啲衫唔夠換就去買住啲先, 唔
  好凍親自己, 您地兩個都係呀, 知唔知呀? 小心啲。
[28/08/18 下午 6:19] 阿燕: 好的

The above is the wechat dialogue between lady farmer ah Jin at Farm II and me earlier in the afternoon just before she and lady farmer ah Lan narrowly escaped the catastrophic flash flood.
With traces of worry in her voice, Ah Jin reported that the farm was flooded with water and our farm hut was flooded too.  The flooding water was half a polytunnel high.  There will be no veggies for delivery tomorrow.
I was very worried about the safety of the lady farmers, so I hauled all my work and replied her wechat, asking ah Jin to leave the farm and find a place to stay.
Soon, Ah Jin responded by saying the two of them had left the farm and succeeded in taking a taxi to a relative house where they could take shelter.  However, all their items of clothing and belongings were soaking wet.
I sent a voice message to her again asking her to take good care of themselves and buy some new clothes to keep warm. I waited utill she gave me a positive reply before I continued with my own work. (ac)
18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水 18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水
 七月十九 暴雨 24-30℃ 濕度93% 審核編碼: 18H9 02
愈來愈多耕地改劃為棕地供露天貨倉用途和供地產發展的「鄉村式發展地帶」,這些耕地被數以噸計的石屎填平, 再沒有樹木或壤土去留住或調節雨水, 亦沒有政府工程去排走雨水。
audit trail: 18H9 02, 29/08/18, torrential rain, 24-30℃ RH93%
Just before she left Farm II, ah Jin sent me these photos showing the onset of the flash flood occurrence.
As more and more arable lands were converted into brownfields for open-air storage purpose and Village Type Development Zones for real estate development, tons of concrete were dump on the land.  There is no vegetation or soil to retain or regulate rainwater flows and there are no civil works for discharging rainwater either.  As shown in the photo in the middle, all runoff was channeled into the brook on the south side of Farm II.
18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水 
  按圖下載mp4  Click photo to download mp4.

It has been raining heavily for 4 days.  The brook was swollen and the fields were saturated with rainwater.  The heavy rain (the yellow patches) started again in the eastern part of the new territories in the afternoon then quickly pushed westward to Shek Kong where Farm II is located. 
The brook overflowed around 17:20 and a flash flood started ripping through Farm II, all crops on the farm were underwater in just seconds. (fb)
18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水
七月二十 大驟雨 26-29℃ 濕度93% 審核編碼: 18H0 02
audit trail: 18H0 02, 30/08/18, Heavy showers, 26-29℃ RH93%
The rain stopped, the flood subsided, we finally got ahold of the farm manager Kok Leung Sheung and asked him to report on the situation.
The yellow arrow in the photos indicates the mark showing the top height to which the flash flood had risen. (fb)
18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水 18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水 18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水 18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水
七月廿二 大驟雨 24-29℃ 濕度86% 審核編碼: 18H0 02
暴洪來得快退得快。 與露地相比,大棚內的土壤流失量甚少。洪水痕之下的葉片上覆蓋著一層薄薄的泥塵,開動灌溉噴頭沖一沖一便洗乾淨。

audit trail: 18H0 02, 01/09/18, Heavy showers, 24-29℃ RH86%
The flood came and went quite rapidly.  The amount of soil loss inside the polytunnels was minimal when compared with those in the open fields.  The leaves under the flood mark were covered with a thin layer of mud which can be easily washed away by turning on the irrigation sprinklers. 
The eggplants, water spinaches, mini wax gourds and sweet potato leaves are coming back to life strongly.  The others are doing not so well. (fb) 18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水 18 暴洪 | Flash Flood | 鉄砲水
七月廿九 白露 驟雨 26-31℃ 濕度78%
審核編碼: 18Ih 02

audit trail: 18Ih, 08/09/18, White Dew, showers, 26-31℃ RH78%
The water spinaches and eggplants were showing signs of disease in the aftermath of the flood.  The lady farmers had cultivated between the crops, applied some fertiliser and pruned the leaves so that the plants may regrow and produce a new crop. (rc)

本地菜會 | 24/08/18 | 一般 | (59 Reads)
Cantonese: 學者=hok-ze(scholar) 二園=ji-jyun(Farm II)

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm
  七月十四 天晴 24-34℃ 濕度87% 審核編碼: 18Hx 02

audit trail: 18Hx, 24/08/18, fine, 24-34℃ RH87%
Microbiologist Akira Yasutake san is from Japan.  He learnt about our organic farm and PGS program from Sasaki san's blog.  He traveled all the way to Hong Kong to visit us and generously shared his knowledge on organic farming with us.
Here are his views and comments.

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm
  は、幅1m前後で、畝の高さは30cm高くして・・水の流れを十分 に

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm
希望您們今後繼續努力,讓更多香港人知道這菜園能夠以這種優良方法去栽種出美味又健康的菜蔬啊! 謝謝!

On behalf of Local Produce, I would like to thank Akira Yasutake san for his sharings.  Our heartfelt thanks to our PGS volunteer Sasaki san for being our interpreter during this farm visit. (ac)

本地菜會 | 15/08/18 | 一般 | (60 Reads)
Cantonese: 熱帶=jit-daai(tropical) 氣旋=hei-syun(cyclone)

18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
  六月廿八 有雲 T1 28-32℃ 濕度80% 審核編碼: 18Hi 00

audit trail: 18Hi 00, 09/08/18, cloudy, T1, 28-32℃ RH80%
Both European Centre for Medium-Range Weather and The Global Forecast System reported that a tropical cyclone will edge its way towards Hong Kong on Thursday. Typhoon signal no. 1 was issued late in the afternoon today. Although it indicated that this tropical cyclone will keep its distance from Hong Kong, we are prepared for a few days of strong wind and heavy showers over the next few days. (tk)
18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
七月初一 大驟雨 T1 26-29℃ 濕度96%
審核編碼: 18Hk 00
audit trail: 18Hk 00, 11/08/18, heavy showers, T1, 26-29℃ RH96%
It's been two days since the typhoon signal no. 1 was hoisted.  Farm manager Kok Leung Sheung reported that everything is going as usual on the farms. (tk)
18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
七月初二 大驟雨 T1 25-28℃ 濕度96%
審核編碼: 18Hl 00
audit trail: 18Hl 00, 12/08/18, heavy showers, T1, 25-28℃ RH96%
The tropical cyclone U-turned and headed east in the morning.  It is forecasted that it will be getting closer to Hong Kong on the 14th. (tk)

Cantonese: 颱風=toi-fung(typhoon) 貝碧嘉=bui-bik-gaa(Bebinca, a Macanese milk pudding)

18 颱風貝碧嘉 | Typhoon Bebinca | 台風バビンカ(1816)
  七月初三 有雲 T1 26-33℃ 濕度89% 審核編碼: 18Hm 00

audit trail: 18Hm 00, 13/08/18, cloudy, T1, 26-33℃ RH89%
Typhoon signal no. 1 has been hoisted for 4 days. This tropical cyclone finally got a name: Bebinca.  Incidentally, when Bebinca hit Hong Kong in 2000, the typhoon signal no. 1 had also remained in force for 4 days. (tk)
18 颱風貝碧嘉 | Typhoon Bebinca | 台風バビンカ(1816)
  七月初四 大風雨 T3 26-30℃ 濕度90% 審核編碼: 18Hn 00
audit trail: 18Hn 00, 14/08/18, squally showers, T3, 26-30℃ RH90%
Bebinca had eventually prompted the Observatory to hoist the typhoon signal no. 3 this morning.  Today's weather condition is not much different from last evening. (tk)
18 颱風貝碧嘉 | Typhoon Bebinca | 台風バビンカ(1816)18 颱風貝碧嘉 | Typhoon Bebinca | 台風バビンカ(1816)
七月初五 天陰有雨 26-30℃ 濕度92%
審核編碼: 18Ho 00

audit trail: 18Ho 00, 15/08/18, cloudy with showers, 26-30℃ RH92%
I captured this chart from HKO website to show the erratic tracks of Typhoon Bebinca in the past few days.  The skies remained cloudy despite all typhoon signals were lowered this morning. Heavy showers were expected for the coming few days. (fb)

本地菜會 | 09/08/18 | 一般 | (35 Reads)
Cantonese: 小=siu(small) 冬=dung(winter) 瓜=gwaa(melon)

18 小冬瓜 | Mini Wax Gourd | 姫冬瓜 18 小冬瓜 | Mini Wax Gourd | 姫冬瓜
四月廿二 驟雨 T1 25-31℃ 濕度91%
審核編碼: 18Fe 020410-11
audit trail: 18Fe 020410-11, 05/06/18, showers, T1, 25-31℃ RH91%
It take a while for the mini wax groud seedlings to develope.  Planting them with a fast growing vegetable like green Chinese cabbage can maximise use of space and increase crop productivity. (fb)ABSD
18 小冬瓜 | Mini Wax Gourd | 姫冬瓜18 小冬瓜 | Mini Wax Gourd | 姫冬瓜
六月廿八 有雲 T1 28-32℃ 濕度80%
審核編碼: 18Hi 020410-11
audit trail: 18Hi 020410-11, 09/08/18, cloudy, T1, 28-32℃ RH80%
This crop of mini wax groud was planted in June, hand-pollinated in July and were ready for harvest in August.  Lady farmer was putting protection bags over the young grouds to protect them from pest. (fb)ABSD
ï|ð 菜譜.recipe.レシピ

本地菜會 | 24/07/18 | 一般 | (51 Reads)
Cantonese: 颱風=toi-fung(typhoon) 山神=Son-Tinh(God of mountain in Vietnamese)

18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
  六月初四 驟雨 26-32℃ 濕度91% 審核編碼: 18Gp 00

audit trail: 18Gp 00, 16/07/18, showers, 26-32℃ RH91%
This Chart (click to enlarge) was captured from the Tropical Cyclone Track Probability Forecast page of the Hong Kong Observatory website. It indicates, in the coming 9 days, the probability that typhoon Son-Tinh will pass over Hong Kong is 10-20%. We might be spared a direct hit. However, the weather condition was not stable in the past few days. Son-Tinh could make it worse. (fb)
18 颱風山神 | Typhoon Son-Tinh | 台風ベトナム(1809) 18 颱風山神 | Typhoon Son-Tinh | 台風ベトナム(1809) 18 颱風山神 | Typhoon Son-Tinh | 台風ベトナム(1809) 18 颱風山神 | Typhoon Son-Tinh | 台風ベトナム(1809)
六月初六 驟雨 T3 25-30℃ 濕度85% 審核編碼: 18Gq 02

audit trail: 18Gq 02, 18/07/18, showers, T3, 25-30℃ RH85%
Typhpoon signal no. 1 was hoisted early in the morning yesterday.  Farm manager Kok Leung Sheung send me these farm photos just before signal no. 3 was hoisted in the afternoon. It was a nice brief sunny break for the lady farmers after days of rain and threats of bad weather.
All typhoon signals were lowered this morning as Son-Tinh made landfall on Hainan Island. (fb)

Cantonese: 熱帶=jit-daai(tropical) 氣旋=hei-syun(cyclone)

18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
六月十一 大暑 大驟雨 T1 26-32℃ 濕度91%
審核編碼: 18Gv 00

audit trail: 18Gv 00, 23/07/18, Great Heat, heavy showers, T1, 26-32℃ RH91%
The skies over the farm remained cloudy as there were a few tropical cyclones hovering over the region (Click on photo to enlarge).  The one that prompted the Observatory to hoist the typhoon signal no. 1 in this afternoon was Typhoon Son-Tinh (lower left).  After Son-Tinh made the second landfall on Vietnam, it weakened, turned around, moved back eastward over water, took a deep breath and intensified back into a tropical cyclone. (fb)
18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
六月十二 大驟雨 T1 26-33℃ 濕度80% 審核編碼: 18Gy 02

audit trail: 18Gy 02, 24/07/18, heavy showers, T1, 26-33℃ RH80%
No matter if the JMA maintained the coming back of Son-Tinh as a tropical cyclone or a new typhoon, the same bad weather will come and the same typhoon preventative measures will be taken to protect the crops on the farm.
Typhoon signal no. 1 was lowered when Son-Tinh made landfall for the third time on Guangxi this morning. (fb)

本地菜會 | 12/07/18 | 一般 | (227 Reads)

Cantonese: 肥=Fei(fat) 田=tin(field) 料=liu(material)

18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
十一月廿五 天晴 11-18℃ 濕度47% 審核編碼: 18Ak 01.02

audit trail: 18Ak 01.02, 11/01/18, fine, 11-18℃, RH47%
While the volunteers and I were making rows for planting soil in the polytunnel yesterday, we found the soil was quite compact.  No wonder our customers told me that the quality of our leafy veggies is a lot better than the roots and tubers.
About three years ago, half of the arable land of Farm II was taken by the property development people and our farm manager Kwok Leung Heung has landed a better job. He began taking the farm work lightly and spending less efforts in conservation.
When we started Local Produce one and a half decade ago, we showed him various kinds of natural means to cultivate the soil to produce high-quality organic veggies. Click on the photos above to see some of the soil conservation practices over the years. 
There are two means to convert hardpan to arable soil.  The long-term plan is to urge the farm manager to grow green manure like he used to do, the short-term plan is to add soil amendments that are approved by the organic certification body to improve soil quality.
The farm manager said that the compost organic farmers used to buy is no longer accepted as organic by the certification body, there is no organic compost in the market and he is not going to borrow any from farmers who have stock on hand.
Well, if that's the case, I'll see if I can borrow some from my friends. (ac)
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
  十一月三十 天晴 10-24℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 18Ap 21, 020213

audit trail: 18Ap 21, 020213, 16/01/18, fine, 10-24℃ RH70%
Nothing in the world is too difficult for someone with a determined heart and a strong belief to achieve.
The World Wide Fund for Nature was very generous to share with our farm 200kg of certified organic compost from their Panda House Organic Garden.  After collecting a lot of energy from the winter sun, we set to work. 
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料

After I captured this memorable moment for the three charming ladies, we started shoveling away.  Shovel, shovel, shovel, we soon finished gathering, weighting and nicely packing 200kg of compost into PE bags, carrying them down the steps to the carpark and loading onto the van.
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料

Back at Farm II, ah Jin took a piece of typhoon-torn polytunnel cover and cut it into the size of a mulching ground sheet to cover the row. We soon arrived the farm, transferring the load bag by bag to the polytunnel and placed them orderly onto the row to store.
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料

We picked up our veggies harvested by Ah Jin a short time ago, got in the van that took us and the compost here all the way from WWF and left the farm. In the meantime, Ah Jin used another ground sheet to cover the compost for later use. (ac)
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
二月廿八 天晴 25-32℃ 濕度80% 審核編碼: 18Dm 020211.13

audit trail: 18Dm 020211.13, 13/04/18, fine, 25-32℃, RH80%
Lady farmer ah Jin solemnly warned us again and again that the liquid fertiliser will be so stinky, the smell will stay with us for a while, we might scare people off the train when we return home.
Well, as the old saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained. We decided to give it a go.
When we lifted the lid off the fertiliser barrel, the odor was so offensive that it forced us to back off.
Courageous Ayako san stepped forward, picked up the watering can and started mixing the liquid fertilisers according to ah Jin's instruction. We follow her into the polytunnel and took turns to side-dress the burdocks, laughing all the way, enjoying this very unique smelly experience to the fullest. (ac)
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
三月廿一 天晴 23-30℃ 濕度82% 審核編碼: 18Ee 0200

audit trail: 18Ee 0200, 06/05/18, fine, 23-30℃, RH82%
Two tons of organic compost was delivered to our farm yesterday.  It was discharged from the truck onto the higher ground at zone 00 for temporary storage. Lady farmer ah Jin ensured proper measures were in place to protect the compost from wind and rain. She will add them to the soil on the farm as soil amendment in due course. (ac)
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
  三月廿二 驟雨 23-32℃ 濕度87% 審核編碼: 18Eg 0200

audit trail: 18Eg 0200, 07/05/18, showers, 23-32℃, RH87%
It was raining last night, the wind was quite strong. 
This morning, Lady farmer ah Jin put a few typhoon-torn polytunnel scaffolds to strengthen the measures. (ac)
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
三月廿六 有雲 23-30℃ 濕度87% 審核編碼: 18Ek 0200.020308
audit trail: 18Ek 0200.020308, 11/05/18, cloudy, 23-30℃, RH87%
Lady farmer ah Jin moved boxes after boxes of compost from zone 00 to 03, spreading them over the row.  She then walked from one end of the row to another, kicking up the compost gently so as to distribute the compost evenly.
Later on, she will sprinkle lime, turn the soil and water the soil.  She will then cover the whole row with a ground sheet for the soil to rejuvenate. (ac)
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
  五月廿七 天晴 25-34℃ 濕度81% 審核編碼: 18Gj 0200
audit trail: 18Gj 0200, 10/07/18, fines, 25-34℃, RH80%
Thanks for the reminder by net friend Passers-By (massage box below), I managed to arrange for the composting company to deliver five tons of free organic compost to Farm II, and asked the farm manager to receive them and have them properly stored.
It turns out that our lady farmer had already turned the two tons of organic compost purchased by the farm manager in early May (post 04) into the field.  She dug a rain ditch around the same place, making the area ready to store these pallets of compost. (ac)
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料 18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
五月廿九 天晴 27-34℃ 濕度78% 審核編碼: 18Gl 0200, 21

audit trail: 18Gl 0200, 21, 12/07/18, fines, 27-34℃, RH78%
The first batch of 2.5 tons of compost arrived our Farm this morning.  PGS volunteers and I worked together to unload and packed them into the compost storage before we returned 200 kgs from Farm II in Shek Kong to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Taipo. 
My heartfelt thanks to WWF for lending us the compost at time of need. (ac)
18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料18 肥田料 | Fertiliser | 肥料
The second batch of 2.5 tons compost arrived after the PGS volunteers and I left Farm II.  Lady farmer Ah Jin returned to Farm II to receive the compost.  She promptly stored the 16 pallets, with several hundreds kilograms of compost on each, in the approriate place in an approriate manner. (ac)

本地菜會 | 29/06/18 | 一般 | (64 Reads)
Cantonese: 學者=hok-ze(scholar) 二園=ji-jyun(Farm II)

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm
  五月十六 天晴  26-34℃ 濕度77% 審核編碼: 18F9 02

audit trail: 18F9 00, 29/06/18, fine, 26-34℃ RH77%
My dear friend Professor Cheryl Swift from the United States brought her research team from Whittier College to Hong Kong to visit our farm. 
Here are her views and comments on the study.
18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm
  We had the good fortune to visit Local Produce, the organic farm my
  good friend Amy Cheung has been a part of for more than a decade.
  This was a real treat for me, and for my students, Bry, Alya, and
  Robert, all of whom are Environmental Science majors at Whittier College. 
It was a great opportunity to compare management ideas since Whitter College has a working garden that functions somewhat like a micro-farm that Bry, Robert and Ayla have worked on for the past few years, and to see soil improvement strategies first hand.

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm 18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm 18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm 18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm
What we found in Hong Kong was a well-organized, extremely productive plot that made use of the best ideas in polyculture including intercropping with nitrogen-fixing peanuts to restore soil fertility, mixing up crops in a mosaic to reduce pest damage, and improving soil fertility through the use of organic soil amendments. 
In many ways, the farm is a textbook example of sustainable agriculture and an alternative to agribusiness as usual.

18 學者@二園 Scholars@Farm
  Farming in Hong Kong presents a set of challenges that we don't
  have in Southern California.
  The main problem with farming in Southern California is lack of
  water, and one problem in Hong Kong is too much water during the rainy season. 
In Southern California, smart farmers make sure to add lots of organic material to improve soil water retention and reduce water demand. 
We noted that the farm in Hong Kong needs to do the same thing to ensure replacement of organic material washed away by heavy rains
Increasing the organic content of the soil on the farm will not only increase soil fertility, it will also increase water availability to roots since soils that are largely clay do not release water readily to the root zone.

Increasing the organic content of the soil on the farm is going to take some thoughtful re-organization.  
We noticed that the organic material that was purchased is very coarse and is mostly wood and fiber. 
This material has a very high carbon to nitrogen ratio, which means that any nitrogen, the limiting nutrient for plant growth, will not be released to the soil for plants to use.
We suggest composting the organic amendment before use which will decrease the carbon to nitrogen ratio, and result in more nitrogen release to the soil.

Many farms have a series of compost piles beginning with relatively coarse material to which is added green waste from the farm.
That pile should be kept moist, turned and covered to increase the temperature which will speed composting to create an organic feast for the crops on the farm. 
A final pile would be ready to use compost. 
As more green material is made available, the middle compost piles will grow and add to the final pile. 
To speed the process, the coarse pile could also be kept moist and covered in an attempt to speed decomposition.

Having said that, the farm seems to be chugging along pretty well on its own. 
It has an impressive variety of crops, from burdock to taro, and bok choy to watermelon.
The farm is a great demonstration of what can be done in a small space to grow local, organic, sustainable food. 
It is a model for urban and rural farming.


本地菜會 | 28/06/18 | 一般 | (30 Reads)
Cantonese: 培=pui(to cultivate) 訓=fan(to train)

農用機械保養及維修培訓班                                                        Seminar on Farm Machinery Maintenance and Repair

18 培訓 | Cultivation | 育成 18 培訓 | Cultivation | 育成 18 培訓 | Cultivation | 育成 18 培訓 | Cultivation | 育成
五月十五 天晴 24-34℃ 濕度79% 審核編碼: 18F8 00

audit trail: 18F8 00 28/06/18, fine, 24-34℃ RH79%
In this seminar, the agricultural officer of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) explained and demonstrated the maintenance and repair methods of the five types of small farm machinery that are suitable for use in the local vegetable farms: Ploughing machine, motorised sprayer, backpack mower, chainsaw, and weed torch.
I learned about this seminar form a fellow farmer and urged the farm manager to send the lady farmers to learn the methods.  I also asked him to take photos and report the event as he used to do.
Ah Jin may practice her skills from operating to repairing farm machinery at work, she may also carry forward what she has learned in Hong Kong by bringing these farming techniques and organic knowledge back to her farming village in the Mainland and share them with her folks and the farming community there.
Thanks to the AFCD's continuous support and guidance over the years, if the farm manager is willing to put down his prejudices and send the lady farmers to attend the seminars, the whole farming community, at home and afar, will surely benefit. (rc)

本地菜會 | 13/06/18 | 一般 | (30 Reads)
Cantonese: 紫=zi(purple) 茄子=ke-zi(eggplant)

18 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす18 紫茄子 | Purple Eggplant | なす
四月三十 大驟雨 25-30℃ 濕度97%
審核編碼: 17Fm 020107-10
audit trail: 18Fm 020107-10, 13/06/18, heavy showers, 25-30℃ RH97%
Although the farm manager Kok Leung Sheung did not give her instructions to prepare for bad weather, lady farmer ah Jin told me that she had a gut feeling that a storm was coming.  She started digging ditches to channel the rainwater to the brook on the south side of the farm whenever she had time to spare from her daily duties.
As a result, the eggplants (なす), transplanted into this row cover tunnel in March, were spared from typhoon Ewiniar
Thank you, ah Jin. (ac)
ï|ð 菜譜.recipe.レシピ

本地菜會 | 11/06/18 | 一般 | (196 Reads)
Cantonese: 熱帶=jit-daai(tropical) 氣旋=hei-syun(cyclone)

18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 颱風艾雲尼 | Typhoon Ewiniar | 台風イーウィニャ(1804) 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
四月廿二 驟雨 T1 25-31℃ 濕度91% 審核編碼: 18Fe 00

audit trail: 18Fe 00, 05/06/18, showers, T1, 25-31℃ RH91%
At first, this potential typhoon brewing over the South China Sea was forecast to move up north to Hainan Island.  The latest forecast says that it may make a change of direction when it edges closer to the coast of Guangdong and heads for Hong Kong. 
Updates tracking maps will be added at a later date to supplement the information on the movement of the cyclone. (fb)

Cantonese: 颱風=toi-fung(typhoon) 艾雲尼=Ewiniar(storm god in Chuukese)

18 颱風艾雲尼 | Typhoon Ewiniar | 台風イーウィニャ(1804) 18 颱風艾雲尼 | Typhoon Ewiniar | 台風イーウィニャ(1804) 18 颱風艾雲尼 | Typhoon Ewiniar | 台風イーウィニャ(1804) 18 颱風艾雲尼 | Typhoon Ewiniar | 台風イーウィニャ(1804)
四月廿三 芒種 大驟雨 T1 25-31℃ 濕度91% 審核編碼: 18Ff 02
audit trail: 18Ff 02, 06/06/18, Grain in Ear, heavy showers, T1, 25-31℃ RH91%
The tropical depression turned into Typhoon Ewiniar this morning.  Ewiniar made a right turn and headed east (post 1 pic 3).  Typhoon signal no. 1 is still hoisted. 
Farm manager Kowk Leung Sheung was reminded to prepare for the bad weather.  The measures were obviously not in place before the storm came.  I hope the lady farmers will not need to work in the wind and rain to ease waterlogging when the next storm comes. (tk)
18 颱風艾雲尼 | Typhoon Ewiniar | 台風イーウィニャ(1804)18 颱風艾雲尼 | Typhoon Ewiniar | 台風イーウィニャ(1804)18 颱風艾雲尼 | Typhoon Ewiniar | 台風イーウィニャ(1804)18 颱風艾雲尼 | Typhoon Ewiniar | 台風イーウィニャ(1804)
四月廿四 大驟雨 T3 25-30℃ 濕度96% 審核編碼: 18Fg 01

audit trail: 18Fg 01, 07/06/18, heavy showers, T3, 25-30℃ RH96%
The rain is getting heavier as Ewiniar strengthened.  Typhoon signal no. 3 was hoisted in the afternoon.
Since there is no precautionary measure, the waterlogging situation is much worse in Farm I.  As the storm drains are filled with mud, it will take a while for the rainwater to flow away. (tk)
18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧 18 熱帶氣旋 | Tropical Cyclone | 熱帯低気圧
四月廿八 天晴 24-35℃ 濕度60% 審核編碼: 18Fl 02.01

audit trail: 18Fk 02.01 11/06/18, fine, 24-35℃ RH60%
Typhoon Ewininar triggered a red rainstorm warning on 08/06/18 morning.  It was raining heavily all morning, Both Farm I and II were badly waterlogged.  The farm manager reported that the situation was under control as Ewiniar, together with its rainband, moved away from Hong Kong. (tk)

本地菜會 | 11/06/18 | 一般 | (137 Reads)
Cantonese: 牛蒡=ngau-bong(burdock)

18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡
  十二月初七 天晴 16-23℃ 濕度78% 審核編碼: 18Aw 00

audit trail: 18Aw 00, 23/01/18, fine, 16-23℃ RH78%   
I learned about the benefits of burdock root (ゴボウ) from Mr. Michio Kushi's book in the 1980's.  Although burdock is native to the temperate regions, I couldn't find fresh burdock in Hong Kong back then. 
I am grateful that Satoe san has found Japanese burdock seeds.  With Mr Flea Beetle's planting method, we are able to have this wonderful vegetable grown on our farm soon. (ac)
18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡
正月初四 天陰 18-27℃ 濕度80% 審核編碼: 18Bs 02

audit trail: 18Bs 02, 19/02/18, cloudy, 18-27℃ RH80%
The burdock seeds were handed to lady farmer ah Jin last month.  She reported that it was so cold in January that the seeds hardly sprouted.  Only 15 seedlings survived the chill. (rc)
18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡
一月十九 天晴 18-24℃ 濕度89% 審核編碼: 18Cf 020211.13

audit trail: 18Cf 020211.13, 06/03/18, fine, 18-24℃ RH89%
Lady farmer ah Jin said the burdock seedlings were hardened off and ready for transplanting.  Satoe san explained the sewing procedures in detail to the volunteers.  Eight skillful hands soon sewed up 15 burlap bags as planting bags. 
18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡

With 3 bamboo sticks firmly planted into the soil, we put the bags around the sticks, filled in planting mix, gently transferred the seedlings from the seed tray to the bags and water them well.
Lady farmer ah Jin will take care of them until our next visit. (ac)
18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡
二月初五 春分 天晴 13-25℃ 濕度60% 審核編碼: 18Cu 020212

audit trail: 18Cu 020404-05, 020306-07, 21/03/18, Spring Equinox, fine, 13-25℃ RH60%
Volunteers came to the farm to help with weeding. They took some time off to give their young burdocks big hugs. (rc)
18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡
  二月廿八 天晴 25-32℃ 濕度80% 審核編碼: 18Dm 020211.13

audit trail: 18Dm 020211.13, 13/04/18, fine, 25-32℃, RH80%
There must be a good reason for the volunteers to keep their distance from the watering can.  Click on the right arrow to find out. (fb) |ð
18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡
四月初一 天晴 26-33℃ 濕度79% 審核編碼: 18Eo 020123

audit trail: 18Eo 020123, 15/05/18, fine, 26-33℃ RH79%
This strip of land is too narrow for growing leafy veggies. However, it is very suitable for growing the second crop of burdock-in-bag.  We set the spacing for each growing bag, following ah Jin's instructions, with a lot of muscle power and gentle touches, a row of burdocks was neatly transplanted. (ac)
18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡 18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡
四月十一 天晴 25-35℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 18Ey 020212

audit trail: 18Ey 020212, 25/05/18, fine, 25-35℃ RH70%
I was told that It takes three months to grow burdock from seeds.  It had been more than two months since we transplanted the first crop (third post), adding three weeks of growing seedlings in seed trays, it was time to face the moment of truth. 
Burdock roots may grow more than half a meter deep into the ground.  Having them grown in bags makes harvest easy and efficient.  We just shook the bag to loosen the soil, gave it a pull and I had this bunch of burdock roots in my hand. 
Since this is the first time for everybody, we have no idea if the roots are of the right size and shape.  I asked Satoe san to show the photos of the roots to the seed company Tanenomori to seek further advice and guidance. (ac)
18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡18 牛蒡 | Burdock | 牛蒡
四月廿八 天晴 24-35℃ 濕度60%
審核編碼: 18Fm 020211.13

audit trail: 18Fk 020211.13, 11/06/18, fine, 24-35℃ RH60%
Due to bad weather, the volunteers have rescheduled to harvest the first crop of burdock (post 03) on this Friday. 13 burdocks are available.  They will be sold as whole roots.  Pre-order for $38/200grams for our Group Base members on a first-come-first-served basis.  The second crop (post 06) is scheduled to harvest in late August to early September. (ac)
ï|ð 菜譜.recipe.レシピ

本地菜會 | 03/06/18 | 一般 | (41 Reads)
18 有機同樂@香港學堂 GO@HKA18 有機同樂@香港學堂 GO@HKA
四月二十 周日 天晴 26-34℃ 濕度58%
審核編碼: 18Fc 00

audit trail: 18Fc 00, 03/06/18, Sunday, fine, 26-34℃ RH58%
Back in 2014, while I was looking for a place to promote my handmade products, a friend of mine mentioned there was a new Sunday market in Sai Kung.
I contacted the organiser, Mr Greg Hunt, via email expressing my interests in becoming a vendor.
Soon I received a reply from him written in a straightforward manner.
I liked his attitude.
The Sai Kung Sunday Market (SKSM) was more of a social gathering than a marketplace.  
Families and friends went there to chit-chat, make new friends, cuddle puppies and spend quality time together.
Unlike any markets I joined before, the vendors of SKSM were mostly westerners.
I was one of the minority few.
I spoke with Mr Hunt in 2015 to see if he would let the organic farm, where I work as a volunteer, promote their freshly harvested veggies and organic living at the Market.
He gladly accepted our offer and kindly placed the farm table next to mine.
He helped tremendously in promoting our farm on his SKSM website and by introducing visitors to our farm table.
We were fortunate to meet Satoe san, our first Japanese customer at the SKSM in 2015, she is now the leader of our PGS volunteers, helping out on the farm in their spare time and sharing their knowledge and ideas of organic farming with us.
It was difficult at times for me to carry on my own business while providing interpretation for the farm table.
We were blessed to have volunteers who speak Engish, Mandarin and Japanese lending us their helping hands time and time again.
To me, SKSM was a place full of sweet memories, a market that I had always looked forward to holding my table and the farm table every month, meeting up with vendors, visitors, old and new customers, friends and furry friends.
Click on the orange arrow at the bottom left corner of this page to view past events.
As the old saying goes, yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, though somewhere in the middle we became friends.
We at the Local Produce wish you good health and good luck.
Goodbye until we meet again, Mr Hunt. (ac)

本地菜會 | 31/05/18 | 一般 | (51 Reads)
Cantonese: 小=siu(small) 芋=wu(Taro) 頭=tau(head)

An eddoe or satoimo, literally "village potato" in Japanese, is a root vegetable that looks a lot like a taro but much smaller in size. (ac)
18 | Eddoe | 小芋頭 18 | Eddoe | 小芋頭
三月初二 微雨 15-25℃ 濕度88%
審核編碼: 18Dq 02

audit trail: 18Dq 02, 17/04/18, light rain, 15-25℃ RH88%
Chika san brought us 2 packs of organic eddoe (サトイモ) from Japan.  Before doing the test grow, we first sought advice from HKORC to see if we can grow JAS certified organic corms on a certified organic farm. (ac)
18 | Eddoe | 小芋頭18 | Eddoe | 小芋頭
四月十七 天晴 28-37℃ 濕度68%
審核編碼: 18E1 020401y
audit trail: 18E1 020401y, 31/05/18, fine, 28-37℃ RH68%
The small eddoe croms had sprouted. Lady farmer transplanted them into a small plot in zone 04 adjacent to the sweet mint. (tk)
ï|ð 菜譜.recipe.レシピ

本地菜會 | 29/05/18 | 一般 | (50 Reads)
Cantonese: 天=Tin(sky) 時=Si(season)


Scientists say that this year is ENSO neutral.  El Niño or La Niña related phenomena will not be prominent. 
Under the effect of global warming, it does not mean we are going to have better days. (rc)
18 天時|Seasons|天候18 天時|Seasons|天候
十二月廿六 天晴 13-20℃ 濕度66%
審核編碼: 18Bk 01

audit trail: 18Bk 01, 11/02/18, fine, 13-20℃ RH66%
We heard of record-breaking coldest days or the hottest days in the news.  it is a bit different this year. 
We had a prolonged period of cold weather.  From January 28 to February 10, two cold weather warnings and three frost warnings were issued.  The air temperature was way below 10℃.
To farmers, so long as the mercury does drop below 4℃ for more than a day, it is fine.  The cold might even freeze some of the pests in the soil to death. 
However, it also showed us a sign that consecutive days or even weeks of bad weather is going to hit us soon. (fb)
18 天時|Seasons|天候18 天時|Seasons|天候
四月十四  天晴 25-36℃ 濕度54%
審核編碼: 18E8 02

audit trail: 18E8 02, 28/05/18, fine, 25-36℃ RH54%
The prediction has, unfortunately, come true.
In the past ten days or so, the air temperature was over 30℃ and the relative humidity was as low as 50% in the afternoon. Even if the farmers watered their produce well before sunrise and after sunset, the crop might not be able to withstand the baking heatwaves and sudden heavy showers.
If this hot and dry weather continues, there will be a drought in summer.  The irrigation wells will slowly dry up. (rc)

本地菜會 | 25/05/18 | 一般 | (53 Reads)
Cantonese: 西=Sai(west) 瓜=Gwaa(melon)

18 西瓜 | Water Melon | 西瓜

Local organic farming has been developing rapidly for more than a decade.  In addition to saying Thank You to fellow farmers for their efforts and loyal customers for their patronage, it also greatly relies on the continuous support and guidance from departments and agencies over the years. (tk)
18 西瓜 | Water Melon | 西瓜 18 西瓜 | Water Melon | 西瓜 18 西瓜 | Water Melon | 西瓜
四月初九 天晴 26-37℃ 濕度80% 審核編碼: 15Ew 00, 020124a

audit trail: 18Ew 00, 020124a, 23/05/18, sunny, 26-37℃ RH80%
The seedlings of various watermelon cultivars, which the Organic Community Grower Group had helped us to grow, were delivered to our farm. They were placed in the polytunnel at Zone 01 to harden off.
Miss Lam and her colleagues were very thoughtful. They not only put name labels but also different colour stickers on the seedling trays to indicate the cultivar names. When our Japanese volunteers come to help with transplanting these seedlings the day after tomorrow, we will not worry about any written or spoken language barriers.
I am very grateful. (kw)
18 西瓜 | Water Melon | 西瓜18 西瓜 | Water Melon | 西瓜18 西瓜 | Water Melon | 西瓜 18 西瓜 | Water Melon | 西瓜
四月十一 天晴 25-35℃ 濕度70% 審核編碼: 15Ey 020124a

audit trail: 18Ey 020124a, 25/05/18, fine, 25-35℃ RH70%
Thanks to lady farmer ah Jin for doing the groundwork that made transplanting a lot easier for us.  We removed the protective ground sheet, set the proper spacing between seedlings, dug a hole about 18 cm deep, carefully planted a watermelon plug and water it well right after. (tk)
ï|ð 菜譜.recipe.レシピ

本地菜會 | 15/05/18 | 一般 | (72 Reads)
Cantonese: 有機=Jau-Geik(organic) 認證=Jing-Zing(certification)

18 有機認證 | Organic Certification | 有機認証
十一月十五 天晴 14-20℃ 濕度80%
審核編碼: 18Aa 00

audit trail: 18Aa 00, 01/01/18, fine, 14-20℃ RH80%
This year, part of our farm will undergo a conversion period.
Both conversion fields and certified organic fields operate according to organic standards.  Within the conversion period, unless they can be easily distinguished by appearance, we cannot sell vegetable of the same kind as the conversion crops as organic produce. (rc)
17 有機認證 | Organic Certification | 有機認証17 有機認證 | Organic Certification | 有機認証
四月初一 天晴 26-33℃ 濕度80%
審核編碼: 18Eo 00
audit trail: 18Eo 00, 15/05/18, fine, 26-33℃ RH80%
The Consumer Council revealed that organic snacks also contain a lot of sugar and fat. And posted this question: Is organic food healthier?
The answer is YES.
First of all, all HKORC certified local produce are 100% organic. They probably have the same sugar and fat contents as the conventional ones but they taste a lot better.  It is because they are sold on the day they are freshly picked.  The flavour and freshness is beyond comparison.
For organic snacks, most of the ingredients are from sources that must meet the requirements of the organic standards.  The remaining ingredients may not be foods or processed with substances on an organic material list.
Organic foods are healthier, saver, more sustainable and earth-friendly than genetically engineered, chemical-intensive, highly processed foods that make up the bulk of modern people's diet.
Everybody has a little sweet tooth. Buy organic. Please. (fb)

IFOAM: 國際有機農業運動聯盟


本地菜會 | 15/05/18 | 一般 | (97 Reads)
Cantonese: 黑=haak(black) 皮=pei(skin) 花=faa(flower) 生=saang(to produce)

Black peanut (種皮が黒色の落花生) seeds are nowhere to be found in Hong Kong.
18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生
三月十一 天陰 23-27℃ 濕度85%
審核編碼: 18Dz 02

audit trail: 18Dz 02, 26/04/18, cloudy, 23-27℃ RH85%
With the assistance of Miss. Wong, we got in touch with black peanut farmer Mr Huang and purchased a high-quality cultivar from him. The seeds arrived yesterday.
We brought the peanuts to the farm and handed them over to lady farmer ah Jin to prepare them for planting later. (ac)
18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生 18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生 18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生 18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生
三月十七 天陰 23-34℃ 濕度81% 審核編碼: 18Eb 020212

audit trail: 18Eb 020212, 02/05/18, cloudy, 23-34℃ RH81%
Before the volunteers came to the farm, lady farm ah Yin had already completed the preparation for the planting of black peanut.
To ensure fruitful harvest, we need to properly store the seeds upon arrival until planting time. Before planting, we have to place the seeds under the sun to encourage sprouting, amend the soil, determine the distance between seedlings and rows, develop disease and pest control, and draw up measures to protect the crop from drought and waterlogging.  More, timely watering, applying the right kind and amount of fertilisers, weed control, harvesting and treatment before selling are required throughout the period.  Of course, our mentor, ah Yin (first from the left) will teach us all the farming routines.
The volunteers hulled the black peanuts and selected the big ones to sow inside the polytunnel at zone 02.
Satoe san (second from the left) told me that the ladies were of the view that if customers are told that the seeds of the black peanuts were carefully selected by some Japanese housewives, sales will definitely increase.
I hope her words will come true and thank the ladies for their contributions. (yl)
18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生 18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生 18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生 18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生
三月廿三 天陰 22-29℃ 濕度82% 審核編碼: 18Eh 020119-22
audit trail: 18Eh 020119-22, 08/05/18, cloudy, 22-29℃ RH82%
Lady framer ah Jin was preparing row 19-22 in zone 02 for planting the second crop of black peanut. Compost, basal fertilisers, lime were applied uniformly over the soil surface and ploughed into the soil.  She then made four beds of soil. After a thorough sprinkler irrigation, the rows were allowed to dry out a bit and then covered with ground sheets. (fb)
18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生
三月廿四 天陰 23-27℃ 濕度92%
審核編碼: 18Ei 00, 020212

audit trail: 18Ei 00, 020212, 09/05/18, cloudy, 23-27℃ RH92%
Lady farmer ah Jin send a few messy seed tray photos to me and reported that she suspected the rats dug out and chowed down on all the newly sprouted black peanuts that were supposed to be ready for the volunteers to transplant by the end of May.  I ask her to prepare new ones right away and place them inside the row cover at zone 02 row 12 where a crop of black peanuts are growing (second post). (bt)
18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生 18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生 18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生 18 黑皮花生 | Black Peanut | 黒落花生
四月初一 天晴 26-33℃ 濕度80% 審核編碼: 18Eo 020121-22

audit trail: 18Eo 020119-22, 15/05/18, fine, 26-33℃ RH80%
We were scheduled to finish two jobs within two hours this morning: sow peanut seeds and transplant burdock seedlings. 
The volunteers watched attentively and learned to use the cultivator to open holes on the soil bed.  With ah Jin's guidance, we finished half of row 21-22 in zone 02 and left the other half to ah Jin.  She said she is going to sow the seed the way she used to do in her hometown in China, just to compare the efficacy of sowing methods. (rc)